3 HOUR LIVE STREAM Strucid VIP With Admirers (Strucid VIP and Roblox SkyBlox VIP in desc)

If you sub it plays the cailiou remix (if you cant hear it i however can)

Discord: LightShowXXXYT#3239

My roblox group (i do giveaways)

SkyBlox VIP: https://internet.roblox.com/online games/4872321990/Skyblox-FIREWORKS?privateServerLinkCode=DR7pUKMNiKBOx9AvsIFS16yTROaL7-Pu

Strucid Vip: https://web.roblox.com/online games/2377868063/Strucid-BETA?privateServerLinkCode=GR7P411QljRQx7dE42axSOaESZQUXu3T

Donation : https://web.roblox.com/catalog/4499463509/Gentle-Clearly show-MERCH

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