Simple RIP Configuration

Primary RIP Configuration

RIP is a distance vector routing protocol. It shares routing details by way of the community broadcast in just about every 30 seconds. In this tutorial we will explain RIP routing fundamentals with illustrations these as routing metric, rip timers, split horizon policies, maintain down timers and distinction amongst RIPv1 and RIPv2.
This tutorial is next aspect of our article “RIP Routing protocol spelled out with case in point”. You can read other components of this short article in this article.
RIP Tutorial – Basic operation of RIP Protocol
This is the initial aspect of this post. In this aspect we discussed primary notion of RIP protocol these as what RIP protocol is and how it shares routing info. Afterwards we summarized RIP routing update method in move by step guideline.
RIP Protocol configuration Tutorial with Examples
This is the previous element of this write-up. In this part we will clarify RIP configuration commands with a sensible case in point in cisco packet tracer. At the close of this post we will present a summary of configuration instructions.
Routers maintain only 1 route facts for a single desired destination in routing table. Routers use Ad price and metric to pick out the route.

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